10 Best States To Live In 2020

What are the best states to live in? Tastes differ, of course. The percentage of people moving does not decrease every year. People choose new homes, states or even countries to improve their living conditions. We are always in search of a better life for us and our families. At the same time, everybody knows that moving is not a piece of cake. We have helped thousands of families move locally, long-distance and internationally operating particularly from NYC and New Jersey. Believe us, moving can be tough, but we are here for you to make it safe, affordable and efficient! 

There are many good places to live in so you are the only one to decide what is good for you. So what are the criteria for picking the right one? Different people have their own opinion of the best state based on different factors. These factors include:

  • economy 
  • infrastructure 
  • quality of life
  • health care
  • education
  • public safety
  • state fiscal stability

According to US Moving Association rates the fifth of the best states to live in is Minnesota, coming in first for the opportunity and health care, second for low crime rate and quality of life, and fourth in education and economy. 

The fourth ranked state is New Hampshire. Standout categories for the state include education, a good quality of life and a low crime rate.

In third place is Massachusetts, which is quite significant in the field of fiscal stability, economy and education. 

The second place on the list is occupied by Washington. Standout categories for the state include quality of life and opportunity that means poverty, housing affordability and equality for women, minorities and people with disabilities. 

New Jersey is gaining its popularity as one of the most reasonable places to move in recent years. So if you’re considering moving soon and haven’t decided yet you are welcome to New Jersey. New Jersey comes in first when we talk about education. It was ranked third for health care, fourth in opportunities for its citizens, and fifth for crime and corrections. 

We have conducted our own survey based on the results of our smoothly finished moves in 2019.

So top-ranked best states to live in 2020 are:

State Rank (50) Healthcare Rank  Education Rank  Economy Rank  Crime Rank 
New Jersey 3 1 29 5
Washington 4 4 3 15
Massachusetts 6 6 10 4
New Hampshire 16 5 13 1
Minnesota 10 17 18 16
Utah 9 10 2 12
Virginia 18 7 25 9
Maryland 8 13 26 22
Colorado 12 11 1 29
Vermont 11 8 30 2

To tell you the truth, most influencing factors for ordinary people are health care and education. According to our survey, they were weighted most heavily. That is why the question is what makes people relocate? New or better home, career prospects, educational establishments, weather conditions, marriage, and many others could require people to move.

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