5 Most Expensive Things Ruined in the Move

Certain enough, everybody has been through some kind of loss or damage while moving. The world seems to be such a miserable place to live when you realize that your long-loved piece of furniture or decore is gone forever. Well, the following list of all-times-treasured items that have been ruined through the move might make you feel a little better. Check out 5 most expensive things that have been lost or broken during the move.

  1. A one-of-a-kind $200,000 hand-made piano was accidentally broken while being moved from one of the recording studios in Berlin. A world-famous Canadian pianist was desperate when she found out that a black finish shimmering beauty was broken to the point that it cannot be salvaged. The instrument has been traveling with her all over Europe for more than 17 years. Indeed, her instrument was the only existing one in its peculiarity.
  2. Your grandma’s china is easily breakable. Hopefully, you only know that from theory. Not only it is extremely fragile, but it is also expensive and almost impossible to replace. Thus, an $850000 worth porcelain set produced by the China Royal Manufacture was claimed to be useless after an unfortunate attempt to move it to its new location: a British Museum of Art. More than 30% of it was scratched or broken during the road accident.
  3. Wine collections happen to suffer a lot while being moved. The biggest loss here happened in the year 1916. It was a collection to be delivered to the last Russian tsar Nocolas II. The ship sat at the bottom of the Gulf of Finland for 80 years before the wreckage was discovered in 1997. Of the 2,000 bottles, less than 1,000 were drinkable.
  4. Furniture seems to be destroyed or damaged during relocation most often. During what should have been a routine transfer between museums, someone managed to break King Tut’s Chair. The chair was being transported from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo’s Tahrir Square to the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) in Giza. When GEM officials unwrapped the artifact, the base of the frame of King Tut’s chair was broken. It is hard to estimate this loss. Make sure you wrap and pack your furniture safe and secure for your move!
  5. Unfortunately, artworks get damaged or totally ruined quite often during transportation. Now, that is definitely the top of our list. On 2 September 1998, Swissair Flight 111 crashed near the shores of Canada, killing 229 people. Pablo Picasso’s 1963 work Le Peintre (The Painter) was part of the flight’s cargo and was destroyed in the crash. It is hard to tell even the approximate price of the precious artwork.

This list is far from being full. Things get damaged very often during relocation. The best way to avoid or eliminate the loss is to hire professional help. Do not count on your packing skills and tons of packing paper. Skilled movers equipped with modern packing materials and trained new transportation techniques will be a much smarter choice for your items, artworks, and collections.