5 Things You Should Know When Moving to the Big Apple

Taking into account the importance and at the same time the excitement of decision-making, moving to New York is an enormous task that involves excellent preparation and accurate planning. Who to speak to and get advice from? What to learn first about this culturally diverse and dynamic city? What to check, visit and explore? Do you have the answers to these common questions of all currently moving soul mates? Would you like to? In this particular article, you will find the answers on how to plan your perfect stress-free move in advance and avoid an unwanted headache. Make your preliminary cost estimate right now or order a free moving quote for an expert valuation. We also suggest following these steps:

Research NYC before moving:

Take time to look at popular travel guides like https://www.lonelyplanet.com/usa/new-york-city or scour the official website of the City of New York http://www1.nyc.gov. You may also find reliable information about the city by looking through NYC newspapers here.

Visit the city and explore:

The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island are the well-known representatives of NYC borough division. Find time to visit them all before making a final decision. Take a camera and notebook with you, take photos and thorough notes about the things you like most and places you want to avoid, and details that you want to remember. Use public transport and drop in the local store, cafe or restaurant. If you are in the mood to start a conversation with a resident New Yorker, ask about all of the best and worst aspects of living there.

Test out the job market in NYC:

Having a job offer in your new place is of the utmost importance. Send out your CV to New York employers to ensure that you will have a job. Note that you take responsibility to pay for your travel expenses for potential job interviews. Join a career networking site like LinkedIn to connect potential employers. Spend some time on creating a catchy profile that represents you as a possible qualified candidate to employers and job recruiters. You will probably find this link useful if you have time to look through 15 Practical Tips to Find a Job in Another State.

Choose the area of NYC you want to live in

When making a final decision, it’s time for searching for an apartment. Check Scour Craigslist and “for rent” advertisements in an area you have already decided on. You will likely spend a bit more than your budget allows but don’t cast about for too long, they go very fast. Sign a lease on an apartment without hesitation if it was love at first sight. Make sure that bus stops and subway stations are nearby while considering your route. Don’t forget about safety, choose an area with a calm atmosphere.

Prep, pack, and book NYC movers

Start your packing routine as early as possible to minimize stress. Get quotes from at least three different moving companies, check them, and book. Recruit friends and relatives for help if you decide to rent a moving truck. Think about storage beforehand. Consider short-term room rentals to save money if you arrive in NYC before you have an apartment to stay in.

If every step is definite, we suggest you continue with more facts that you may find useful, choose what is interesting if you need help or have any questions immediately contact us.