Benefits of Moving to the Suburbs

What can be better to wake up in the morning to the sound of the birds singing? Fresh air and calm atmosphere without hustle and bustle? You must have already guessed that today we will talk about the benefits of moving to the suburbs and you will be right. Living in the suburbs is an absolutely different life. And. There are tons of reasons the burbs are thriving and expanding due to the fact that it is rapidly gaining its popularity. We even have the word suburbanization. Crime rates in the suburbs are generally lower than in the city. Less traffic congestion while living in the city reduces transportation costs. For families, living in the city is significantly more expensive than living in the suburbs. This all is suitable for those who prefer a slower and more relaxed pace that the city can’t propose. But let’s have a better look at the advantages of moving to the suburbs.

Safety living in Suburb

Of course, the outskirts of the city are safer due to a well-known fact-more people more crime. Densely populated cities have a higher crime rate than less populated suburbs. For people who have children, safety is a top concern. The list of safest suburbs in America starts with Brookline, MA, Naperville, IL, Cary, NC, Lexington, MA, Arlington, VA, Irvine, CA, Frisco, TX.

Better price of living in Suburb

If you dream of a big house city is less affordable. Suburbs are definitely the place to hunt the better price. Keep in mind, in September 2019 the median price of single-family homes in Hays County south of Austin was $290,000.

Peaceful Suburb atmosphere

You won’t get much peace and quiet living in a city from the buzzing cars and unceasing sirens. For those who prefer calmer atmosphere moving to the suburbs is a great idea. If peace and quiet is what you’re after, you have made the best decision. Suburbs almost always have fewer people per square mile, which means less congestion.

Better schools

No doubt the suburbs are less crowded but not in schools. But a bonus with a better student-to-teacher ratio. In the suburbs, there is more time for raising children and friendship between parents, since life is more measured there. But it does not mean that this option is suitable for everyone.

Suburb Privacy

If you rely on the series, life on the outskirts is full of intrigue, but in real life it is not so. Of course, here people find time to chat with their neighbors or even have a joint barbecue. But what is more, your home in a quiet place is also an opportunity to spend time alone with yourself and your thoughts. What we mean is that open spaces when moving to the suburbs can offer people more privacy compared to city living.

Living in Suburb means closer to nature living

If you are among outdoor lovers, moving to the suburbs must be your priority. It offers much more nature, trails and parks with hike and bike trails for neighborhood residents to enjoy.

For you to be prepared, moving to the suburb has its disadvantages as well. Living in the ‘burbs lacks nightlife and visiting cultural events and activities. You need to buy a car and etc. But you are the only one to decide whether these are disadvantages or not.

Moving Helpers when moving to the suburbs

One of the variants of a successful move is hiring professional moving helpers to handle all the job. Moving from your previous city home requires serious expertise and efficiency due to limited parking, elevators and staircases. Our team of highly trained movers has years off experience to rely on. Don’t be shy to give us a call and ask any kind of questions connecting your move. We are always open to provide you with all kinds of information. Calculate your move right here and right now.