Do’s and Don’ts of Moving into Your First Apartment

You now have a chance of living separately and planning a move into your new appartment? Congratulations! That’s a big step into a new life full of independent decisions. You sure feel both excited and nervous about your big adventure, but you need to be aware of all the challenges and pitfalls you may face and have efficient solutions for any problems that may arise while moving. No matter if it is going to be a rented apartment or you are planning to make a purchase of your dream, here are some tips for making your first move as stress-free as possible.


Do plan your moving expenses

You need to sit down and draw up your moving budget. Think about all the expenses before taking the important decision of living on your own. Take into account not only the rent cost for at least two months, or the cost of the apartment, but have some savings for all the living expenses you are going to have in the nearest few months.

Think about application fees, security deposits, utility connection fees and moving costs. It is easy to go into the red if you leave out these spendings. You would also want to have some money set aside for emergencies.

Do choose the right location

When choosing your new address think of meeting as many important criteria as possible. It is good if your new home is close to your job place, or easy to get to. Good road infrastructure, traffic patterns, parking issues, availability of public transport will be a plus.

Look around for amenities – grocery stores, bars and restaurants, hairdressers, etc.

Talk to your potential neighbors, see who lives around and check the safety and crime rates.

Do make inspections of potential apartments yourself

It is important to inspect your future home in person to make a final decision, no matter how much you trust your real estate agent.

Check the apartment with all the five senses. See if you like what you see. Look for signs of damage, water leakage spots, stains on carpeting, etc.

Make sure there is no sewage odour, or any other smells you don’t want to feel all the time.

Listen to noises when in the apartment with the windows closed. You will know if sound insulation is good. Make some steps across the rooms to check the squeaking of the floor.

Feel the air temperature in the room and check if it can be adjusted.

Be sure the apartment is to your taste.

Do know the rules

Before you sign your lease or purchase agreement, read it carefully and learn the rules your new place may have – safety regulations, cleaning requirements, pets allowance.

You may be required to move on a certain day, within a certain time frame, use the stairs only, if there is no freight elevator, pay parking fees, etc. It’s good to know what’s expected of you and be prepared.

Do stay organized

Moving is a big event, and you will be busy with a lot of things happening at a time. You have to stay organized to have your move go smooth, and save nerves and time.

If you keep all the information about your move in a single place and at hand, you win half the battle.

Have the list of things you are going to move, and contact details of your landlord and movers.

Do hire professional movers

You could be a strong person with many true friends, but hiring professional movers will solve the problem of packing, storage and relocation itself. Put it up to professionals!

Do have your apartment ready on the moving day

It is good if you make all the necessary amendments, renovations or repairs before you move in. Make sure you changed the locks and did the cleaning before the furniture arrived.


Don’t choose the apartment by criteria only

Of course, you have the list of items in your head for your ideal apartment. And even if you tick all the boxes, make sure you feel positive vibes about your new place.

Don’t put off packing

Start packing long before the big day. Thus you reduce the risk of forgetting things and making a fuss on a moving day.

Don’t reject help

Extra hands, good advice and support of your family and friends is never too much. Don’t be afraid to ask for their help.

Good luck!