How Much Does It Cost to Move a Piano?

If music plays an important role in your life, you might want to relocate to your new home with an old friend of yours – the piano. When it comes to moving a piano, planning this day ahead would be essential. It’s not an easy thing to move a heavy and rather fragile thing even within a house. Relocating it to another habitation would be even worse.

Can I move a piano myself?

So can I move a piano myself? We would not recommend you wasting your nerves and time, you’d better save your energy and practice your powerlifting and accuracy skills somewhere else. If you still want to do it with your friends, you need a dolly, reliable straps and making sure you have strapped down the piano carefully and securely in the moving truck. Remember, there is no guarantee that it would be cheaper if you accidentally scratch it or drop it down.

How much does it cost to move a piano?

Is the moving cost for all the pianos the same? In case you chose to call the professional movers, you might be questioned about the type of the piano, the size, number of stairs in your house. Narrow doorways and long-distance moving will increase the moving cost.

The average cost to move a piano is $400. The lowest price could be $200 and the highest $600. However you might find such services as cheap as $200, for a console piano, for example, and for some big and heavy items like concert grand piano you could be charged up to $2000.

If you are moving your musical instrument within the apartment building or down the street the movers may offer you an hourly rate: $100 on average.

Piano Type Cost of Moving (average)
Concert grand piano $400
Grand piano $350
Baby grand piano $300
Upright piano $300
Console piano $200

Does moving a piano affect tuning?

Physical movement of a piano does not affect its sound much. But if you think you had changes in temperature during the move, you will need to give a call your piano-tuner. Shifts in humidity, long storage or any other changes in the environment affect the tune. Pianos that are shaken around during a move may also go out of tune due to shifting parts. We would recommend being extremely careful with your musical instrument while relocating it and check its tuning afterwards.

How to choose a moving company?

Trusting the relocation of your delicate item to professional movers requires pre-move investigation. Here are some tips for you:

Ask your friends or surf the web to find the best relocation companies in the area;
make sure the movers have previous experience in moving pianos or they specialize on piano moving;
look for positive reviews of the customers on piano moving services;
ask the movers for the licenses;
check the professional movers have insurance coverage;
ask about packing for fragile items;
compare the moving costs and make a shortlist according to all the mentioned criteria;
if all the criteria meet your requirements choose the time and date and book a move.

Hope this article will help you find the right moving helper for you and your piano, and you will enjoy the sounds of Chopin’s etudes or Stravinsky’s sonatas in your new home.