How to Deal with COVID-19 Related Moving Challenges

In a very rare case can moving be a pleasant and stress-free adventure. And of course, not so many people would want to relocate in uncertain times of pandemic lockdowns. But if you found yourself in a situation when you have no other choice but move, be that a new job offer or relocating your business or just if you don’t want to postpone you long-planned moving to some uncertain time, the crucial point is: if you have to move you need to be sure it is safe and as stress-free as possible. Make your preliminary cost estimate right now or order a free moving quote for an expert valuation. Here are some ideas you might find useful while moving during COVID-19 breakout.

Check with your moving company

Before you decide on the date of your move you need to check if it corresponds to the requirements of your state, the state of your destination (if that is different from yours), and the states you plan to travel through on your way in terms of orders restricting travel and gatherings. Remember that CDC qualifies two types of travel as essential:

  1.     Travel to provide medical or home care.
  2.     Travel necessary for a job considered an essential service.

Also, consult your local health department to make sure you meet all the requirements of the breakout’s restrictions. Make a plan for taking time off from work in case you have to stay home for 14 days of self-monitoring. Check what preventive measures your moving company provides to be sure you are safe doing your relocation.

PODS Containers moving solution

Many moving companies have come up with extra measures to provide their customers with safe relocating services during COVID-19 outbreak. First of all, you should consider getting a virtual in-home estimate that many moving companies already offer. Actually, most if the paperwork can be filed virtually so request this option from your company. Another solution in order to avoid contacting with people while moving is using PODS containers. This is a secure and less expensive way of moving. Another good option that you can use with PODS containers is that you can use them for storage.

Disinfection when moving

It is important to clean frequently used items as often as possible with household cleaners and EPA-registered disinfectants that are appropriate for the surface, following label instructions. When you finally reach your new home, it is recommended to disinfect everything before you unpack and settle in.

Interacting with movers

The first thing you have to ask your moving company when setting the terms of your relocation is what are the health requirements for the company’s employees. How often are they being checked and what are the social distancing measures they are following. On the day of your move, provide the movers with easy access to running water so that they could wash their hands as often as needed. Try to limit your interaction as much as possible as well as the number of people at your home. Also you may request adding the tip to the full price and put it on your credit card.

While moving

It is possible to experience a fairly stress-free move if you follow CDC’s guidelines on COVID-19 and cooperate with your moving company in terms of safety. Practice social distancing, washing and disinfecting your hands and frequently used items regularly. That’ll make your move a secure, safe and nice journey.

After move moving routine

You may let the moving company do their thing and unpack your belongings. In that case, the movers will disinfect each box before cutting them open. Or, as an option, you may have your things delivered to your garage and leave them for a day or two before you unpack them yourself. That will eliminate the chances for the virus to survive. You might as well combine the two options and have the movers safely unpack the boxes you choose to start settling in your new home. The rest of the boxes will stay in your garage through the quarantine. Once the quarantine is over you’ll be able to make your new home cozy and comfortable and start enjoying your life at a new place.