How to Estimate Your Move

Once you have decided to move, the first thing you do is chose between a DIY move or a reliable moving company. Either way, you’ll need a clear picture of the amount of moving resources. How many cardboard boxes do you need? How much wrapping paper and other packing materials do you need to purchase? How many people do you need to invite or hire to help you? How big of a truck to order? Last but not least, what should you answer to the first question of a moving company: “What is the size of your move?” Here is some advice on how to calculate your move and be prepared for an effective and stress-free relocation.

You Only Move What You Actually Need

That is the first step of your estimate as well as the first step to your garage sale. Even if you are an eager adversary or garage sales, there are three indisputable reasons why you need to have one or at least entrust someone to organize one for you:

Number one reason: A garage sale will save you a big deal of space in the truck, and add up a reasonable amount of money to your move. Plus, you will save the money you would pay to the movers to pack, load, move, unload the stuff you might not need at the new place.

Number two reason: It might be hard to believe but organizing a garage sale is a good family & friends bonding time. Not only all of you are going to be connected by one big project, but also, your friends will have a chance to be the first in line to purchase the items they used to admire in your house. Making everybody around you, including yourself, happy: isn’t that a good reason to have a garage sale?

Number three reason: Going through your possessions will give you a chance to finish this period of your life properly and give yourself a new start at a new place. You will realize just how much stuff keeps you down to the bottom and stops you from going on in your path of life. You will also have a wonderful chance to organize all your memories into a few absolutely treasured boxes. Keep them safe during your move and after.

How Big is Your Move Actually

If you have already put away the stuff to be sold, it is time to actually estimate your move. A fully furnished bedroom (a bed, a table or a console, a TV, a closet, or a closet-size-volume-of-clothes) plus a sofa or a bedside sofa/chest is considered to be a one-bedroom moving equivalent. So, if your rooms are not packed with furniture or you don’t plan to move all of it, count two rooms as one. On the contrary: if you tend to pack your rooms with a lot of stuff, be sure to count your house/flat as big even if the actual size is not so big. Think of the items moved, not the size of your accommodation.

Inform You Helpers

If you don’t plan to move your kitchen or bathroom equipment, make sure your helpers know about it and all this is not included into your estimate. On the other side, if there is anything that might take significant space in a moving truck, like a treadmill or a big plant that you are determined to move, include those into your estimate.

Additional costs during Your Move

If you are also moving your garage and/or garden, do not forget to include those into your moving estimate. That will help you to avoid most of the hidden or additional costs. Again, be very meticulous about the thing you bring along. In the garden or garage, it is easy to get confused. So, pack the things you take to your new residence and get rid of those you leave behind. Stay persistent, do not give those old hoses a chance, you don’t need them in your brand new garden. Plus, your new garden might already have those.

A Very Good Moving idea

That BTW is a very good idea: contact your new place and make sure you don’t bring anything they already have. Also, try to compare the style of your old and new accommodation. Do not bring anything, that would stand out like a sore thumb.

See, the size of your move has already double shrank. Keep being realistic and logical, and you’ll be able to stay within the first-named estimate. Good luck with your move!