How to Move a Bed And Mattress. 5 Simple Steps

Moving is such a serious life decision that you need to think it over carefully before packing your bags and reserving a moving company. In a parallel universe you’ve got a moving truck or van with a team of strong white glove movers to do all the heavy lifting, disassembling and reassembling. But in the real world, you might not be so lucky. If you’ve just invested in a new mattress, and you actually can’t imagine your life without it. In order to part with it you can take it with you.

Moving a heavy bed Guide

Beds are one of the most difficult things to move. Just like with any other important issue, moving a bed needs careful planning. Otherwise, you may end up grieving your decision and spend the next few years of your life in misery.

Step 1. Making a final decision

If you’re searching for a cheaper way to move a bed, then you should consider your available options carefully. You may not believe it, but relying on professional relocation experts for a long distance move, is the best choice, taking into consideration time, money and peace of mind. And yet, if your careful calculations make you change your decision, here’s how to move your bed by yourself.

Step 2. Condition assessment

First of all, evaluate the condition of the furniture that you are planning to transport. Some items may not survive moving… If the furniture is new, comfortable and you are used to it, then your decision will be positive. In case you clearly understand that the bed and mattress can be really moved let’s continue.

Step 3. Disassembly.

The bed-load is quite large, especially a double or king bed, unless you plan to transport a couch or a baby cradle – these beds can be transported assembled. Transporting a standard-size bed assembled and fitting it even in a freight Elevator, not to mention stairs, is a very difficult task.

Disassembly of the bed is one of the simplest options for disassembling furniture. A typical bed consists of a base, sides, and backrests connected by a simple fastener. Before moving the bed, remove all bed linen and mattress from it. When disassembling the bed for transportation, mark every detail, including fasteners – this will help you during Assembly. Fasteners and small parts should be folded separately. The most convenient way is to follow the scheme that goes together with the bed when assembling and disassembling.

Step 4. Packing.

In most cases, the packaging of the bed protects it from scratches and damage during the move. Polish the bed with protective and water-repellent for additional protection. While moving the bed disassembled, smooth and polished panels must be securely packed to protect from dust, dirt and scratches. At the same time, the packaging should not be slippery, so as not to make it difficult to move the bed or leave traces.

Step 5. Loading and unloading of the bed when moving.

As a rule, it is possible to transport the bed in its disassembled form on a standard van. Only if you need to transport a bed assembled, or to move a non-standard bed, you may need a car with special equipment.

To move the bed without scratching or cracking lay the bed parts flat. Moving of bed parts standing up is allowed only if they are firmly fixed to the board with tie belts or oversized cargo. During the transportation of the bed do not place heavy mattresses or on the base part on a thin panel. Try not to put the panels on the corner during loading and unloading steps when moving the bed.

If you don’t have previous experience with moving large furniture pieces and time is really pressing on you, you better hire a reputable moving company. Professional helpers move heavyweight furniture on a daily basis, so they will be more than qualified to handle your bed effectively, by observing all safety regulations. Make your preliminary cost estimate right now or order a free moving quote for an expert valuation. Good luck with your move.

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