How to Move from Coronavirus Staying Safe and Healthy?

The World Health Organization has declared the coronavirus the catastrophe of our lifetime, and this hysteria is proceeding to rise worldwide. This situation makes people increasingly worried about their and their relatives’ well-being. Thus putting a strain on families and friends who are eager to preserve contact with each other. It is not a secret anymore that the elderly generation is the most vulnerable social unit. People are now trying to protect themselves and postpone all kinds of trips (taking into account moving to another state from coronavirus zones).

PRECAUTIONS for moving from the coronavirus quarantine zone

  • Don’t be under the influence of panic and stay informed. THE MEDICAL MASK DOES NOT PROTECT WELL INDOORS AND IS PRACTICALLY USELESS ON THE STREET.
  • If you feel sick, you better stay at home.
  • When you leave the house, wear gloves or mittens. Do not put them off in public places. (Change your gloves daily, wash them thoroughly and dry them well).
  • Regularly wash your hands twice. If there is no such possibility use an antiseptic lotion instead. Avoid any contact of hands and face before washing them.
  • At home, be sure to replace all the towels in the bathroom and kitchen. Take new clean ones so that each family member has a personal towel (provide your movers with towels too). Wash them twice a week and dry them well.
  • Be careful with the door handles.
  • If the weather allows, open the windows at home, letting the air out when packing your belongings for the move. The virus cannot stay in a well- ventilated area.
  • If you have to take care of an infected person patient when moving from coronavirus zone, wear a tight-fitting medical mask (everyone in your home should have it, including the patient and furniture movers from the interstate moving company you have chosen).
  • Use latex gloves and wear long-sleeved clothing when loading and unloading the moving truck.

Move from coronavirus!

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