How to pack your belongings for storage

Many people find themselves in need of a storage unit at some point. It is hard to part with holy memories of your kids’ artwork that brings tears to your eyes every time you look at it. Or your grandmother’s inherited coffee table is bothering you. No, no….you certainly like it, but so far there has not been a decent place for it. What we mean is that we know the way out. Whether you just need a little extra space over the holidays or you’re downsizing-do not clutter your house, especially if you know that you are going to move soon. All you need to do is to put your precious items in a safe storage place. With the right approach, the storage can be a help that will easily free up space at your home. There are some crucial things to consider in choosing a storage unit and packing up your stuff depending on what you need to store and for how long.

Choose an appropriate storage for your needs

Your belongings should stay safe, clean, and not get damaged. Most storage facilities are weather-resistant with climate-controlled units available. If you are going to to send some antique furniture into a storage be ready that it can be damaged by exposure to heat, cold, or humidity. So don’t save on this protective option in order to secure your possessions.

Organize your storage

Be selective about things you want to keep in order to keep your storage unit organized and clean. Many people are deluding themselves by sending to the storage of every thing that is nailed down. A clear understanding of the need and value of things is very important. Otherwise, your storage risks being overwhelmed with all sorts of trash.

Prepare items carefully

As you decide what to pack, make sure everything is clean and completely dry to avoid molding. Don’t forget about dirt, grime, and moisture that can appear in the storage if you won’t prepare your items carefully.

Non-allowables!!!! What is not allowed inside the storage:

Flammable items, such as gasoline, lighter fluid, motor oil, propane tanks, paints and cleaning solvents. Hazardous materials, including loaded guns, scuba tanks, fertilizer, poisons, ammonia and even nail polish. Perishable food and valuables.

Use sturdy boxes

Sturdy professional boxes or plastic totes are te most suitable options to keep out pests, moisture, and stack more easily! Don’t overpack your boxes for easier handling. Overpacking can also result in item damage. Label every box and add a list of things that are inside.

Disassemble and wrap furniture

The first rule with furniture is to disassemble everything that can be disassembled! The second rule is to correctly pack everything and label the components. Purchase and prepare beforehand different packaging material to secure furniture pieces.

Create an inventory list

Separate items into groups and categories like kitchen stuff, toys, etc. Organize and inventory everything. Label each box clearly. There are different apps to help all you need to do is to choose the one that is comfortable in use for you.

Renting storage can make your life easier and more comfortable. Spending extra on a climate-controlled unit can be extremely beneficial, especially when storing fragile and valuable items. Make sure you know what you can or can’t store. If you need help with loading or unloading hire moving helpers to save your time and effort. Our team of professional movers has years of experience and appropriate equipment. We are always open to answer your every question and provide moving help.