How to Survive Moving to Another City

Moving to another city is never easy. At this point, the person has mixed feelings. On the one hand, worries and thoughts about right decision making. And on the other hand, a person is waiting for something new and better. Even if his or her life develops in a new place and all expectations are met, a person will still remember his native places and this is normal. Moving to another city can bring not only practical problems, but also psychological ones. A person begins to yearn and think that it may be worth returning, because there are relatives and friends left in their native city. And this can lead to complete despondency for any of us. In this article you will learn how to survive moving to another city, why people move, and a lot of useful information.


Why do people relocate?

People move from one country to another, from city to town or even province, and vice versa, from country to the big city. They all have diverse reasons. Some of us simply can’t imagine our life without changes and new bright impressions, which makes them literally break away from their habitable place from time to time. Probably, this desire for renewal is an integral character trait of this category of people who are moving. For some, moving is the opportunity to earn more and make a career. For others, the climate or communication with relatives, the opportunity to give a good education to children, the level of medical care, and so on are important. 


How to decide on moving?

Changing your place of residence and moving is a responsible and difficult event in a person’s life. It is difficult to leave your home, a comfortable living environment with a familiar way of life, hobbies, friends and relatives, with a favorite atmosphere and comfort that have been created over the years. Not to mention the complexes and fears that can escalate in a new place.  


Which are the main reasons motivating you to move?

Moving reasons  can be very different (you need a larger apartment in connection with the birth of a child, grown-up children who need personal space in the form of separate children’s rooms, parents moving to another city closer to the children or vice versa). It is important to find your own.

A clear understanding of the reason for the move contributes to a faster transition to actions to implement the goal, helps to understand what exactly is expected from the move, what you want to see a new apartment. And it makes it easier to overcome the difficulties that inevitably arise in the process of this difficult event.


How profitable is the move?

Sometimes the financial benefit becomes an additional motivation that prompted the move. For example, in a new city in a new place, less spending is expected (for transport, for gasoline, and in general for accommodation).

Although sometimes people move against all financial considerations and benefits, if it is due to certain circumstances. At the same time, intangible values are also important. For example, the presence of their own space for children and parents helps to stabilize and improve relations in the family. Or the desire to be close to your family.


Disadvantages of moving to another city

Where there are pros, there are always cons. There are also a number of difficulties that a person faces when moving to another city, among which the following can be distinguished:

  • finding a job and housing – even while staying in your hometown, these tasks are quite difficult, in a foreign city – doubly so;
  • the need to adapt to a new place – in your city, or at least in your neighborhood, you probably know where the best stores are located, how to get to the place you need, how long it will take, and so on. In a new place, you will need a certain amount of time to learn the routes you need, get used to new neighbors, in a word – to settle in;
  • separation from family and friends – of course, you will write off, call up, but this will not replace real meetings, which are likely to happen quite rarely;
  • temporary loneliness – if you move to another city alone, you will probably have to spend some time alone in your free time. Even if you have friends who live in this city, you will not be able to see them often, especially if they live in another area.

You may overcome any problem if desired, but you should not turn a blind eye to them. In addition, if the move is dictated by your desire, and not by circumstances, you should think about whether you are ready to face such problems.

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Useful tips to help make your move a success

Now that we’ve analyzed the fears and considered the benefits, it’s time to move on to tips on how to survive moving to another city and quickly adapt to a new place. We suggest that you follow these rules:

  • Write a list of all the benefits you get when you move to another city. You can use our list to supplement it with your personal benefits. If you think that you already remember them and it’s a waste of time-believe me, it’s not. When you get sad and scared again, you won’t be able to remember all the positive things you’ll get when you move to another city. And after looking at this list, you will remind yourself of the advantages of this move and thus not give in to discouragement.
  • Pack all your things in advance! This advice may seem obvious, but believe me, when you are incredibly busy, it is difficult to take the time to decide what you are taking with you and what you are willing to give up, so this event can be constantly postponed. But an hour before the train, you will not be able to properly collect everything, as a result, it is possible to bring something completely unnecessary to another city, and forget about important things. If you need movers, arrange them in advance.
  • Make your new place of residence cozy. Even if you are not moving furniture to a new home, take with you the non-bulky interior items that you like best. It can be paintings, beautiful pillows, plants – everything that makes the atmosphere homely and cozy. Gradually, you will acquire new details that, instead of reminding you of the old house, will create the appearance of a new one.
  • Explore a new city. This means not only studying the routes you need, but also visiting a variety of beautiful places that can be easily found in Google for each city. When you have some favorite places, the city will no longer seem so alien and faceless.
  • Get to know your neighbors. In addition to exploring the city, pay attention to getting to know your neighbors. Do not run from apartment to apartment, saying that you now live here – not everyone will like this. Just say hello and introduce yourself when you meet your neighbors in the elevator or in the stairwell. They will be able to tell you a lot of useful things, such as where there is a good supermarket or a beautiful park nearby. Or you can invite your neighbors on the landing to visit you for tea.
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