Interesting Moving Facts

Everyone knows what moving is. Almost everyone experiences it at least once in their life. But how often does an average American move in their life? All moving companies claim the moving is stressful but they can help release you from stress. Do you know how heavy the stress load is? And why do people move at all? Let’s have a look at some moving facts you should be aware of if you are getting ready for your next move.

Fact 1. The average American moves more than 10 times in their lifetime. 

Fact 2. Psychologists say that moving is as stressful as divorce, as getting a new job, as reconstructing the house after fire. So be prepared.

Fact 3. Moving is a seasonal business, since most people choose the period between May and September for their moving. It is good for you to keep this fact in mind when planning your move. And if you want a well-prepared and organized move, you’d better choose the less busy season.

Fact 4. Typical household moving loads weigh as much as a small elephant! It would be a win-win deal if you give away some of the stuff to your friends. Your friends are happy, and your move is cheaper.

Fact 5. You are still hesitating if to rent a truck or hire moving helpers? Don’t waste your time, nerves and money. It is really more cost effective and time saving to hire professional movers. You don’t have to think about boxes and tapes for packing, you don’t have to worry about insurance, you don’t have to coordinate all your friends for the same time and date to help you load and unload.

Fact 6. Do you know that the most popular moving day is Friday? If you don’t want to be at the end of the list, rejected, moved in a hurry or forgotten at all, choose another day.

Fact 7. Why do people move? 40% of all the moves are job-related, 42% for better neighborhoods or some other personal reasons and 18 % for military and government relations.

Fact 8. Women move more than men. In 2016 6.6 million more ladies moved than men.

Fact 9. The biggest moving age group is 18-35 years old. If you are 25, you are at high risk. 

Fact 10. There are over 7,000 licensed moving companies all over the US. You have a great deal of choice.

Now you know the most interesting and very useful facts about moving. As people say forewarned is forearmed! Plan your move in advance, keep in mind the moving facts and follow some moving tips. Best of luck for your new home!

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