Interstate Moving Company

There are different names for moves with your goods crossing the border of another state. Interstate move, a cross-country move or state to state moving are the main names for long-distance moves. International moves; performing a long-distance move,  your belongings should be transported in and out of state lines. When choosing a moving company, it is good to know the difference between moving interstate or intrastate.


Difference between moving interstate or intrastate

In general, an interstate move costs more than intrastate move. Long-distance moves require special authority and are administered by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration rules and regulations. The FMCSA does not regulate movers within the state. Rules about transporting customers’ belongings from one country to another for interstate moves are completely different from moving local regulations.

Interstate moving laws and regulations

It is considered an interstate move if one’s belongings cross state lines during the relocation. There are regulations to protect customers and their goods during a regional move. The legal status of a long-distance moving company can be checked by its USDOT number.

Also, as a customer of an interstate moving company, you can ask for your rights in written form. It is essential that you can check out a moving company’s reputation and its business licenses. It is also required by law for moving companies who perform long-distance moves to carry specific insurance policies.

Check a moving company’s USDOT number

A USDOT number search will help you find out the legal status of an interstate moving company you are choosing. Be sure that you’re dealing with legitimate moving professionals. Then, you can make a decision about your moving and ensure a safe, smooth, and simple relocation. That will give you a successful beginning of your new life. Read more here (“How to Check a Moving Company’s USDOT Number”).

How much does an interstate move cost?

The farther you move out of state the higher the costs of your long-distance move may get. While intrastate moves usually cost under $1,500, interstate moves price upwards of $4,500. The main difference is that local movers charge their work by the hour, long-distance movers charge mainly based on the weight of your transporting belongings. Each long-distance move is unique, and your end cost will take into consideration different factors. Sizes of your new and old places, stairs and number of floors, the amount of heavy, fragile. Other unique items that need to be moved will also determine your final interstate moving cost. Read more (“How much your interstate move will cost“).