Let Your Mover Know

Ready or not, your Big Move Day is coming. Be that your college, new job, new family status, or any other life circumstances, the day when you have to call for a moving truck (and some moving help supposedly) is going to come at some point. On that day, not only you need to remember the addresses of both your old and new locations, but also be prepared to deal with your moving company. To make this interaction successful, we will help you to cover some obvious (and not so obvious issues).

Before You Talk to Your Mover

It is important to have a clear picture of the size of your move when you talk to your moving company. Check out some ideas on how to estimate the size of your move and make it smaller. Whenever you are ready to talk to your moving helper, make sure you know who you are going to deal with. Do not hesitate to doublecheck the background of the company at the reliable moving company reviews site.

Get a Realistic Estimate of Your Move

If you ever dealt with moving or at least read a couple of reviews, you know that the biggest fear of all is hidden fees. You’d be surprised to know that they are easy to avoid if you give as detailed information on your move for the quote as possible. That’s another reason why you should have a clear picture of your move in your head before you order a quote. There won’t be any hidden costs if you remember to mention a treadmill to be disassembled or a lawnmower to be emptied and packed.

DIY or Professional Packing

Whether you want to a full pack of moving services or a totally DIY move, that is the issue you’ll have to deal with anyways. What to be packed? and How it should be packed? Let your moving company know the things you can pack yourself from the ones you need to have packed professionally. Check what packing materials and techniques they use. Find out if you need to empty the drawers for the move. If needed, request special conditions, say a refrigerated truck for your wine collection, or double pack and wall stripes in a truck for most fragile china. Leave no surprises for your movers and there will be no hidden fees for packing.

Should You Help Your Movers

The most obvious answer is yes. Well actually, you’d be of much bigger help if you meet your team of movers in a house prepared for relocation. Instruct your helpers on the things you want some special care for. Point out the ones that stay and do not need to be loaded. Make sure all signs on the boxes are readable and understandable. If your physical help was discussed in your pre-move estimate, remind the movers of that to avoid misunderstanding with the final cost. If not, the best you can do to help at this point is keeping your kids and pets occupied on a safe distance. Some fun time out with their favorite auntie would be perfect on this day.

Normally, moving is quite a stressful process. But you can make it so much more pleasant and productive if you work one team with your movers. Treat them well (that might include some drinks or snacks), keep them cheered (tipping is optional but always is a good idea), and leave them no surprises such as another pool table to be disassembled that you forgot to mention. Together you’ll make your move work well.