Living in the Bronx

When planning a move to NYC people ask different questions. Should I live in New York City? If I should, what is the best neighborhood in the city? What is the most affordable area? What part is cleaner, calmer, and suitable for families with children? What place is closer to the job? Everyone has his/her own point of view and must choose themselves. But what we know exactly is that New York has the right place for everyone. If your question is “which is the cheapest area to live in New York? “ we definitely know the answer. If you want to cut costs, you have to consider the Bronx. While living in the Bronx still gives you access to other boroughs, it features a varied landscape and has a much more affordable cost of living due to lower rental rates.

Living in the Bronx features

There are so many beautiful recreational places available when living in the Bronx, New York. Apart from them a few more things to discover which are beautiful as well:

  1. Bedford Park is a residential neighborhood in the northwest Bronx
  2. Morris Park is a neighborhood in the New York City borough of the Bronx.
  3. Norwood, also known as Bainbridge, is a working-class residential neighborhood in the northwest Bronx, New York City
  4. Riverdale is a residential neighborhood in the northwest portion of the Bronx, a borough in New York City.

The pros of living in the Bronx:

  • 24 hour stores are easy to find
  • Everything you could possibly need is generally within walking distance (laundromat, grocery store, deli, coffee shop, subway, bus station, dollar store, department store, etc.)
  • It’s just a train ride away from Manhattan
  • There’s a much more communal and familial vibe in the Bronx than in Manhattan, but the New York City “code” of leaving each other alone and keeping to yourself still generally applies
  • There aren’t as many tourists
  • The Bronx has an amazing and rich history (it’s the birthplace of hip hop and, by extension, the dominant youth culture of the entire world)

The cons of living in the Bronx:

  • Living in the Bronx can be very loud at night. Car alarms, impossibly loud garbage trucks that for some reason do their rounds at 2 AM, kids wailing, dogs barking, occasional shouting in the street, people playing loud music late into the night, sirens, people playing loud music in their cars.

Housing in the Bronx

Living in the Bronx is a cheaper alternative to Manhattan. That’s basically its advantage. Many people can’t really afford Manhattan or much of Brooklyn anymore, so they are moving to the Bronx and Queens. The cost of living index in the Bronx is 17.92% lower than in New York. Rent in the Bronx is, on average, 54.42% lower than in New York. The median home price in The Bronx is $420,400.The Bronx has a cost of living index of 82.08.

Housing 181.8 100
Median Home Cost $420 – 400 $231-200

Living in the Bronx for a family of four people will cost you about 3,700$ monthly without rent. A single person’s monthly cost is about 1,50$ without rent.

What to do in the Bronx

The Bronx is known for Yankee Stadium, the home field of the New York Yankees baseball team. Dating from 1899, the vast Bronx Zoo houses hundreds of species of animals. Nearby, the sprawling New York Botanical Garden features a landmark greenhouse with rainforest and cactus displays. By the Hudson River, Wave Hill is a landscaped public garden with wooded paths and a cultural center. You can also read about cool, hidden, and unusual things to do in the Bronx and take a chance to visit the places you like.

Such famous singers as Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B. also lived in this area and as you can see life there left an imprint on their work. Mary J. Blige was born in the Fordham area of The Bronx where she lived until she was 4 years old. Her family moved to Yonkers, a few miles north of The Bronx.

The top attractions to visit in the Bronx are:

  • New York Botanical Garden
  • Yankee Stadium
  • Bronx Zoo
  • Little Italy in the Bronx
  • Wave Hill

The best day trips from the Bronx are:

  • Boroughs Tour: Harlem, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Coney Island
  • Hudson Valley Craft Brewery Bike Tour
  • Small-Group Bronx Bike Tour with a Bronx Little Italy Visit
  • Private New York Boroughs Tour: Harlem, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn & Coney Island
  • Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx Private Tour with a Driver-Guide

If you don’t trust us read the trustworthy reviews of people who live or lives in the Bronx:

Kevin Kwiz Ryan, lives in The Bronx, NY
The Bronx is no longer what it was like in the ’70s and ’80s. (dangerous) It’s been going through a heavy renewal since the early ’90s and is what I call “the last frontier” if you’re trying to own a home in the 5 boroughs. Although homeownership isn’t for everyone, and it certainly isn’t cheap in NYC in general, you can still find mostly affordable co-ops, condos, and houses in the Bronx. I grew up there but as an adult, I lived in every borough except for Staten Island and ended up buying a nice waterfront condo in, you guessed it, DA BRONX!!

Mary Garrett, lives in New York City
Every part of The Bronx is different. I live in the East Bronx. When people picture living in NYC or The Bronx they are not picturing how I live. I have a garage, driveway, and a basement. I walk to work, part of it through a park. There is actually an unpaved street near me and a stream. We have skunks, raccoons, and possums visit our backyard regularly (and eat our tomatoes). My son rides a yellow school bus to preschool every day. I drive my car to the grocery store, park in a never-full lot, and shop for reasonably priced goods. I know my neighbors and we all watch out for each other. Although in a very NYC fashion not a single-family within 5 houses of me in either direction from my home is from the same country as their neighbors. On my street, we have Dominican, Bengali, Nigerian, Albanian, Jamaican, Pakistani, American, Indian, Yemeni, and Mexican families. Where else but The Bronx will you get that kind of diversity?

Jess Carter, lives in The Bronx, NY
I grew up in the Bronx and like any urban area, it has its good and bad parts. I loved living in the Bronx because it was so diverse – uptown (Woodlawn, Baychester, Boston Rd, Co-Op City ) is predominately the Caribbean. Most of my friends from high school are Jamaican, Trinidadian, Haitian. If you head to the south Bronx (Grand Concourse, Parkchester, 161st) most of the neighborhoods are predominantly Hispanic. I had Spanish friends too. If you go to Morris Park the neighborhood is preliminarily Italian or Albanian – all friends in the same school. The Bronx was its own melting pot. Things may have changed over the year, but I wouldn’t change my adolescent years in the Bronx for anything.

Chaim Malks, lives in The Bronx, NY
I lived in the Bronx for 40 years and still have friends there. It depends on where you decide to move. The Bronx includes some of the most luxurious and high priced housing in New York City, in the Riverdale neighborhood, as well as some of the worst slums. Some parts are very safe; others are very dangerous. No way to answer that question unless you narrow it down to a particular neighborhood.

Moving to the Bronx

As you can see the Bronx makes an excellent choice, with its melting pot of cultures. Living in the Bronx offer namely diversity, decent commutes, ample green space, and better parking—in addition to lower prices and rents. There’s also a diverse mix of housing from single and multi-family houses to mid-rise apartment buildings, and pre-war co-ops and postwar condos. So if you have chosen the Bronx for moving we are here to help. If you need help with loading or unloading hire moving helpers to save your time and effort. Our team of professional movers has years of experience and appropriate equipment. We are always open to answer your every question and provide moving help.