Moving Equipment and Tools when Relocating

Moving is never easy and what if you need to move bulky, fragile or even awkward things with you? Of course, you will need special moving equipment and tools if you plan to do it yourself. We also want to pay your attention to the fact that professional moving helpers will be happy to do all the heavy lifting for you having all the necessary essential moving equipment and tools. Experienced movers are trained to solve all the moving issues from stairs to narrow doorways and know what they are doing. And stress doubled when you begin to load a moving truck. You must understand that without proper moving preparations you can hurt your leg or arm and even your back. So today we are going to talk about how not to break your back without breaking you bank when moving. If you decided to move yourself, make sure you have everything you need before the big day.

Furniture Dolly and/or Utility Dolly

Furniture Dolly and/or Utility Dolly is usually a flat platform with 4 or 2 wheels. It is used to carry heavy things or boxes. The platform area may be covered in carpet to cushion the furniture and prevent scuffing. A 4-wheeled moving dolly with flat base is used to safely move large pieces like bulky furniture, shelving units, chairs and more. You need to secure your belongings if you move them downstairs or up the ramp to the moving truck. There is no lever or lifting mechanism, so you will need some manpower to lift your item onto the dolly.

Moving Blankets or Pads

Moving blankets or furniture padding are the best movers’ friends. Experienced movers can’t imagine their job without these thick coverings that are used to help protect things when moving. Professional moving helpers wrap and cover vulnerable or fragile pieces of furniture with moving blankets to prevent it from damage when moving out of the house and in a moving truck. Blankets can be used to secure a couch from spills and dust and protect antiques or other fragile items.

Ropes and Straps

Moving ropes and straps are must-haves in the packing and moving supplies list. Moving straps are used for carrying bulky and awkward heavy things such as sofa, TV, piano, gym equipment, or pool table. Moving straps are durable and robust tie-downs that have a fastener. It has a hook on both ends to help sure the strap to the internal walls. Moving straps also prevent back strains and other injuries. Moving ropes and straps are used to secure stuff to a dolly or when loading on the truck.

Packing Tape and Scissors

What must be at hand when moving is definitely packing tape and a pair of scissors. Packing tape can be used in any case from securing boxes for a tight, reliable seal to keeping screws, tools, and other necessities taped to the underside of tables and desks. Secure packages easily and more safely using packing tape and scissors. Some packing tapes can be easily torn by hand and has a reinforced structure for extra strength.


If you have to use stairs stair-roller can save you a lot of effort. The Stair-roller is indispensable for moving piano skid boards up or downstairs. It is easy to attach and useful for carpeted stairs.

Every day around the country our moving helpers are busy loading rental trucks, moving containers and freight trailers – many for long distance moves. Unfortunately, hiring professional moving help isn’t enough if you want your household items to arrive at your new home without damage. You will also need the professional equipment we were talking about before. Don’t be shy to give us a call. We are always open to provide our customers with all kind of information. Calculate your long distance move right here and right now.