Moving from Chicago to New York: What You Need to Know

If you are moving to New York, your biggest concern might have been: Am I going to find the right place in The City? What if I don’t belong there?.. Your quite understandable doughnuts may be resolved at numerous chats and networks where people discuss the pros and cons of living in The Big Apple. Moving Helpers can assist you with some good advice on the moving process, guide you through thousands of moving from Chicago to New York companies to find the only one perfect for your move.

Several Undeniable Reasons to Move to NY

Not only New York is famous for its brilliant job opportunities, great entertainment, and worldwide choice of food and cuisine. It also offers incredible shopping, cultural diversity, and well thought reliable public transportation among not so obvious reasons to love The City. And even though the average cost of living is about 23% higher in New York than Chicago, the cultural capital of the USA offers so much in return, that you’ll never regret spending all this money. You can find out more detail to research NY accommodation at the official site of New York City.

How much does it cost to move from Chicago to New York?

The average cost of moving that a moving company is ready to offer is $3000. That amount is not a final cost. The money, that a moving company will charge you, depends on many things: the quality of service, quantity of time and workers used for your move, insurance policy, etc. Still, it rarely goes under this sum if you want a full pack of moving services. In case you opt for a full or partial DIY move or choose a PODS container due to safety and economical reason, you’ll be able to save some good money.

Things that you shouldn’t better try to economise during the move

Cutting some expenses is a great idea if we are not talking about a steady truck well equipped with all necessary shift and crack protecting means. Another thing you should take very good care about is packing: you can either hire a reliable packing company or learn some helpful packing tips from our U-Tube channel: Moving Tips 2020. Either way, take packing very seriously to avoid numerous cracks, scratches, and breakage during your move. The last to mention but not nearly the least important is the Insurance Policy. Make sure you choose the best available cost-risk ratio. Keep in mind long and timely transportation. Avoid the smallest Insurance Pack, it normally proves to be the most useless one.

Some New York Only moving details

There are many streets in NY, especially in Manhattan, that are very narrow and can easily be blocked by your moving track. Consult your realtor and your moving company on how to avoid this and stay away from a ticket fine on your first day of residence in New York. Most of the big buildings in New York have a special service entrance equipped with service elevators that would be perfect for your move. When arranging to use those, make sure you fit in the time slot when the elevators work and not overcrowded.

Whatever obstacles come across your way, do not give the way to despair. Remember: you are moving to the City of Your Dreams. It is definitely worth any moving troubles. Good luck with your move!

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