When you are making the big decision to move from New York to Florida, it’s important to plan and prepare appropriately for your long-distance move. Unlike moving across town, you will not have lots of easy options, like to make multiple trips and  you should also know the rules for crossing from one state to another.

  1. You need a trusted New York to Florida moving company

Not being well prepared with a long distance move causes a lot of problems, challenges, misunderstandings, and delays. Take your time to choose reliable movers with moving experience from NYC to Florida. Make sure that you start preparing at least 8 weeks prior to your moving date. With the right movers, cross-states move should be reasonably affordable, but it will still cost you less, by planning ahead. For this sort of long-distance relocations, remember that doing the transportation yourself can turn out to be very risky, also, the costs are most likely going to be way bigger than you expected! Although, if you are going to want to spend as little as you can with a moving company, you better be careful when it comes to hiring a cheap mover in NYC. Remember that rogue movers typically work like this: without ever visiting your home or seeing your belongings, they give a low estimate over the telephone or online. When your things are on their truck, they demand more money before they deliver or unload them and they force you to pay more then you agreed to.

  1. Decluttering

Relocation from one state to another isn’t easy indeed. You are moving from NYC to Florida meaning that you are going to live in a different culture, customs, and climate. Your surrounding will be completely different, and a lot of your old habits will necessarily have to change. In order to have a good long distance move, besides hiring a trusted moving company, you need to decide what things you will not need anymore in your new life. Remember while local movers can charge by the hour, long distance movers must charge based on the weight of your shipment when crossing state lines. Make sure that you are only transporting what you really need.


One of the biggest differences between these two states is climate. The climate of Florida is tempered somewhat by the fact that no part of the state is distant from the ocean. Weather is entirely different, and it will require some adjusting in your wardrobe. Consider renting a storage unit in New York and keep all of your winter clothes there if you need to. You will without a doubt, not need it in Florida.

  1. Moving insurance and moving scams

Before hiring a professional moving company to handle your interstate move, it’s important to be aware of several things: such as moving insurance and moving scams.

Moving insurance: Occasional damage to household belongings during a move, does happen. That’s why it’s so important to make sure the moving company you hire, carries the required worker’s compensation insurance (this will prevent a moving company from suing you in the unlikely case that a mover becomes injured while moving items from your home).

Tip: If a moving company doesn’t carry insurance, check, they probably aren’t licensed either.

Moving scams: Fortunately, if a relocation involves crossing state lines, the mover must be governed by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) rules and regulations, including the mandatory registration of a USDOT Number. So if you’re looking for interstate moving companies, the fastest, easiest, and surest way to verify their licensing status is to check their USDOT number.

  1. Other tips you should know:
  • Jobs, schools, cable TV and magazine subscriptions: Try to stay as organized as you can to avoid any problems. All of these are important things from your everyday life that will change, and you need to have a plan for that.
  • If your pets are moving from NYC to Florida with you, they will need up-to-date vaccines and the paperwork to prove it. Start this process in advance. Also, the long journey is not easy for your pets, so you can talk with your vet about how to prepare them right.
  • Pack a suitcase with everything you need for the first couple of days. Have in mind that your things will not travel as fast as you will.

In conclusion, once you’ve decided you are going to do your interstate move from NYC to Florida, it’s time to prepare your budget, get all the paperwork in order, choose an experienced, safe and internationally checked mover. Give yourself enough time to do a thorough search for moving companies in NYC, and prepare the plan on how you are going to start your new life in Florida!