Making the move from New York City to Miami, in fact, may be the best decision that you have ever made. Maybe you are tired of winter and considering moving to Miami to live somewhere on the shores of Biscayne Bay? Sure, there are many wonderful cities in the U.S. that give can give you the same benefits as NYC without any of the drawbacks, and Miami is one of those cities. Let’s see what moving from NYC to Miami entails.


NYC and Miami are very different in their weather patterns. The wonderful weather in Miami is one of the primary reasons why many people move from New York City to Miami. You know NYC for its harsh winters filled with snow-lined streets and freezing temperatures while Miami has never reported snowfall in the city. From the coldest estimate at 68°F to the hottest month, when it goes up to 82°F, meaning it’s never too hot for not leaving the home or too cold for a swim. The main part of the city lies on the shores of Biscayne Bay, which contains several hundred natural and artificially created barrier islands, the largest of which contains Miami Beach and South Beach. So anyone can find a place for themselves near the coast.

Miami real estate

New York City is an apartment-style town and if you want to live in an actual house there, you have to move to the suburbs of the city. In the City of Miami, owning your own plot of land is an achievable dream. Apartment hunting in Miami is pretty much a  similar process to hiring a NYC broker. At the same time, brokers in Miami are a bit more affordable than in NYC: they will usually charge you 6% of the final price. September to January is the best time to rent an apartment, while the worst deals are made between May and June.

Miami’s cost of living

Housing in New York is definitely the more expensive one (65% more approximately). If we compare the cost of living in New York and Miami, you’re definitely in luck. In total, with food, clothing, housing, transportation, personal care, and entertainment combined, New York is about 4o% more expensive.

Activities and Entertainment in Miami

There are plenty of things to do in Miami that don’t involve a bikini. If you will be missing the Lincoln Center in NYC, Miami has the next largest performing arts center in the country, the Adrienne Arsht Center. Also be sure to take an art walk to the numerous art deco hidden treasures. Something else which is definitely worth your time are the numerous little galleries. Many artists, from musicians to actors and dancers were attracted to Miami for its rich culture. The Florida Grand Opera, the Frost School of Music, the New World School of the Arts are all located in the city of Miami.

Miami’s Culture

Miami is a city with a large influence from Cuban culture. In fact, 34 percent of the city has a heritage based in Cuba. One of the biggest differences, when moving from New York City to Miami, is the demographics.  Around 45 percent of the city is Hispanic and close to 35 percent is non-Hispanic. So if you’ve taken a Spanish class back in high school, you’ll be glad you took it. But do not worry if you haven’t, the Spanglish of Miami is surprisingly catchy, even though, sometimes it is hard to understand.

Job opportunities in Miami

Miami is a major center of commerce, finance, and boasts a strong international business and trade community because of its coastal position. It is a center of many cruise companies and large tourist industries. It is Also a major television production center and the most important city in the U.S. for Spanish language media.

You are not the first person who’s wanted to escape New York City. With mild weather, a variety of beaches and a stylish Latin American culture, maybe its time for you to take the leap and move from New York City, NY to Miami, FL?