Moving Into a Studio Apartment

Moving into a studio apartment is a good way to save money and an opportunity to live without a roommate. As a general rule, these types of apartments are usually more affordable and can be extremely comfortable with proper planning of space. We have prepared top useful tips for those who you are moving into a small studio apartment.

De-clutter when moving into a studio apartment

Having too much stuff can turn into a real headache if you decided to move into a studio. When it comes to living in a studio apartment you have to be as minimalist as possible. During the packing process, divide your belongings into three possible variants: keep, donate or sell. Think carefully of being able to get rid of your stuff. If you didn’t use the thing for at least half a year, you won’t need into your new apartment.

Vertical Space when moving into a studio apartment

Use vertical storage in your own space. The area above your cabinets, space above any doors can be used for a shelf or to install wall hooks. There are almost always some creative problem solutions you can take advantage of in your small living space.

Multiple functions when moving into a studio apartment

Take a chance and consider having furniture pieces that have multiple functions or furniture with hidden storage. It is going to be worth the investment for you. For example, a pull-out couch can save your space dramatically. You can easily pull out a bed for sleeping, that folds up during the day, or a versatile coffee table with storage underneath and a desk that serves as both a table and a working space. And for sure, think about creating double-duty areas in your studio apartment.

Concealing methods when moving into a studio apartment

Remember that nothing makes a small space seem smaller than being able to see everything. Use curtains and baskets to hide some of your things in a new home. Think about room dividing solutions, especially if you have some level of privacy needs and just not wanting to see your bed from the kitchen.  A nice screen or room divider will give the biggest amount of physical and visual privacy, but lots of other things like shelves can also create additional storage you need.

Not every space will need each space saving moving idea but some of them just might help your new studio apartment be as comfortable for living as possible. And one more tip in the end. If you want to save money and stay calm you better hire professionals for your move. Self-packing, self-loading and self-manage moving requires a lot of efforts, time and stress and still offer up risks during your move. Moving helpers has a great experience in any distance residential and corporate moving. Don’t be shy to give us a call and ask any kind of questions connecting your move. We are always open to provide you with all kind of information. Calculate your long distance move right here and right now.