Moving to California? The 5 best places to live in The Golden State

There’s something for everyone in The Golden State — beaches, mountains, small towns, big cities or Silicon Valley. With beautiful scenery and endless opportunities, California is a great place for moving to. If you dream of living in California, one of these 5 places might be the perfect places for considering to live in.

Moving to San Diego

With an estimated population of 1,339,000 living in the city, San Diego is the second largest city in California and eighth largest in the country, according to World Population Review. It’s known for its warm climate with average temps in the mid-50s to mid-70s, outstanding restaurants, and surfable beaches. San Diego is one of the best coastal cities to call home in California for young families, college students, and beach-goers. According to WalletHub, it is also the seventh happiest place to live in, in America. U.S. News says with San Diego’s wide range of outdoor activity options, distinct neighborhoods, high quality of life and a healthy job market, the city is the 22nd best place to live in, in the country.

Moving to San Francisco

With an estimated population of over 860,000, San Francisco is the fourth most populated city in California, according to World Population Review. San Francisco is a beautiful mid-sized city located on the bay, where you can regularly find fog and cool breezes accentuating the mild weather. With the Golden Gate Bridge, top restaurants and a thriving job market, the iconic cable cars, San Francisco is perfect for those who are looking for a bustling urban environment. Recently, the City by the Bay was named the fourth happiest place to live in, in the US and the 34th best city in the U.S. for job seekers. Over 200 parks nearby are an ideal spot for fitness and nature lovers.

Moving to Los Angeles

The City of Los Angeles has an estimated population of around 4 million people and is California’s most populous city, according to World Population Review. It looks like in movies with its numerous big city amenities, sunny weather, and a stable housing market, but also with a rainy season in the winter and mid-spring. Los Angeles is the perfect place for those who enjoy the great outdoors, world-class restaurants and a truly cosmopolitan vibe.

The entertainment capital of the world is home to Hollywood, but it’s also a major center for fashion, business, and manufacturing. Creatives, singles, fashionistas, and dreamers will fit right in here.

The nearby city of Cypress has one of the best schools in California — Oxford Academy, that’s why it is a good place to live for a great education and all of the benefits of Los Angeles.

Moving to San Jose, California

With an estimated population of 1,000,536, San Jose is the 10th largest city in the United States, according to World Population Review. Those searching for a happy and healthy place to live, will find it in San Jose. The city has a strong job market and impressive population growth. It is known as the Capital of Silicon Valley with an educated workforce and many tech jobs. Here, there is plenty of sunshine with over 300 average sunny days a year!

Moving to Palo Alto, California

Palo Alto has an estimated population of 64,403, according to World Population Review. As a part of the Bay Area, the weather is similar to San Francisco, with drier summers and afternoon fog. This area is known for many things including tech jobs, proximity to San Francisco and San Jose, a low unemployment rate and Stanford University. The city is home to numerous booming companies, family-friendly museums, and a top-rated school district make it the best city in America for families.

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