In case you are an experienced mover or at least has moved house once, you should know: moving has never been easy, nor has it ever been cheap or enjoyable. We cannot promise you to turn your move into a pleasant vacation. It is still going to be complicated and challenging. What we can offer is some advice to avoid unnecessary expenses and go around some sharp corners. Follow us to find out how to make your move effective and secure yet cheap.

Plan your move as far ahead as possible

Unless it is an absolutely urgent situation, plan your move at least 8-9 weeks before your actual relocation. This time is required for several main steps: sorting your belongings, packing, finding moving helpers. Make your own moving To-Do List or download it from Cross out the things your personal moving plan does not include, add those of your own that are crucial for you. Like that treadmill that you absolutely need to take with you or the pool table that needs to go onto a garage sale. That will make your planning easier. On the List, you may mark things that can be done free from those where you will still have to pay. 

Budget your move

Once your To-Do List has been corrected, you would see your approximate moving budget. Now it is time to find ways of cutting your moving expenses. Remember, the ideal final target is to move with as little money spent as possible. You will have to make some Internet research on governmental sites in order to find out what state fees can be paid ahead with a possible discount. Governmental fees vary depending on the state as well as payment conditions. That may include your housing and transport taxes or any other kind of payment. Bills are important, do not leave your residence in debts.  Also, apply for changing your postal address. That normally takes about seven working days so do not postpone it for too close to your moving day. 

Sorting your belongings

When the aim is to cut expenses, you need to go through some very thorough stuff clearance. Try to follow one simple rule: take only what you absolutely need. Find out the weather conditions at your new place of residence and pack only the appropriate clothes. How much space are you going to have at your new residence? How furnished it already is? You might simply have no room enough for most of your current stuff. There is no way around the garage sale! Do not hesitate to organize it as one of the first steps of your moving plan. It will bring you some very important cash and save a lot of space in your moving truck, or van if the garage sale was extremely successful. 

Pack your move

Right after the garage sale, take things that were not sold to the nearest charity. Do not bring there anything that is in poor condition or has missing parts. Think of the usability of the stuff you bring to the charity as the first priority. As an adequate response, ask for some packing materials. They usually have boxes, wrapping paper, or huge plastic bags available. Even the used ones are still good to go. When packing, remember that you will still have to load and transport all this, so pack light, do not overload each box and bag. And secure the surfaces of your electronic gadgets with a double layer of blanket/bubble paper protection. You don’t want to lose the valuables you decided to keep.  

Ask for moving help

It is time to remind your friends and relatives what a really good fellow you are. And that this fellow needs help moving. The undeniable success is if you can organize a van with the help of your friends or social networking. Luckily enough, you will find people who would not mind spending the weekend helping their friend move. Set the date and make sure you do not invite too many people. Normally 3-4 big guys are enough to deal with a 2-bedroom house. If you have more, there is a big chance you lose control of the situation and it will turn into one big party. Not the worst-case scenario but no good for your move.

Packed and loaded, ready to go, make sure you have organized some help at the other end of your journey. You will still have to unload and unpack your stuff. If you had already made your choice our team of professionals is ready to provide all the necessary services your unique relocation requires. Let us be the mediators that can help you to coordinate your fast and easy move to a new life. Get a free moving quote, use our moving cost calculator or contact us to know all the details. Be prepared to keep up a low-expenses lifestyle right after you settle. And good luck with your move!