There’s always a bit of a challenge on a moving day. It’s impossible to anticipate everything that could go wrong, but you better be well prepared! In our opinion there are a few must-have items you can’t forget when moving day comes around:

  1. Packing tape, packing peanuts and tape dispenser

The best moving safety advise, is that you should check all containers one more time if it seems like it’s needed, before loading them onto a moving truck: Independantly of the type of whether, or if you’ve bought brand-new cardboard boxes for your move, or you’ve managed to get free moving boxes, in good condition, from local groceries. The tape dispenser is another smart item to have, when it comes to packing. You’ll save time, frustration and your teeth too! 🙂

2. Permanent markers

Surely, you are planning to be completely organized and come up with a plan, that details what boxes contain which items. But during the moving day chaos, you better  write down, any last-minute contents on boxes that may be random and impossible to remember later.

3. Moving essentials bag

A moving essentials bag is a small suitcase you pack, which contains anything you’ll need on moving day, and a few days after, as well as things you do not want to put on the truck: cash, jewelry, and prescription medications. Take things like phone chargers, toiletries, medications and extra sets of clothes.

4. Cleaning supplies

Hopefully you’ve already done your deep cleaning, However, you should still keep basic cleaning supplies available for any unexpected touch-ups. Just like your essentials bag, keep your cleaning supplies somewhere they won’t get loaded onto the truck. For example, your car or closet should be fine. Once the boxes are cleared out and the space is emptied, you’ll be able to see if any last-minute cleaning needs to get done.

5. Furniture sliders and a moving dolly

Make your move much safer by renting/purchasing a moving dolly or other moving equipment. Use proper moving equipment if you’ve made a decision to lift and move heavy objects without professional assistance. Use either a 2-wheel appliance dolly, or a 4-wheel furniture dolly, to prevent any risks of accidents and injuries. Furniture sliders are pieces of hard plastic or durable rubber, that will enable you to slide your heavy furniture across the room with minimum effort and no risk of your floor getting damaged.

6. Cash to tip movers

Have cash to tip your movers on moving day. It is not necessarily required, but it is highly appreciated. If you hired a professional moving company, you want to be sure to have cash on hand on moving day for tips.