Orlando to Miami

Have you ever moved successfully and stay in a good mood? If you are going to move from Orlando to Miami, then most likely you can be congratulated on the purchase of a new house or apartment. But the joy of acquiring sometimes completely negates the state of panic horror at the thought of how to pack and unpack things and not go crazy from the chaos around. The first rule, and perhaps the most important, is not to drag something you don’t like from place to place. Second, if you are really moving, take the situation as an excuse to get rid of the trash in your own home. Third, divide the entire operation into small steps. And finally, one more piece of advice. Even if you are not going to change your place of residence in the near future, conduct an experiment that will open your eyes to what is stored in the house. Playing realtor. Today we are moving from Orlando to Miami. A successful relocation is almost an art!

Why people choose Florida for living

There are many advantages for those who has chosen Florida a state to move from the lack of state income tax to the sunny weather. Dramaticly rising domestic migration has made Florida the second most desirable state after Texas and the third most populous! People are increasingly considering weather and cost of living in their relocation decisions as well as factors such as employment and education. As boomers retire many choose to leave the expensive housing and cold weather of the northeast for the low cost of living and tropical climate of Florida.

Florida has the highest attraction ratio for people earning over $200,000 a year. But that’s not all… Florida ranks high in millennial migration and those in the peak of their careers aged 35 to 54!

In all areas you have lots of wonderful cultural diversity, and tons of things to do. As Florida is becoming more of a purple state also, there are a variety of different viewpoints, which is refreshing.

Why people prefer living in Orlando

  • Orlando is bigger and less densely populated than Miami(about 2.5k people per square mile vs. 12k for Miami).
  • You can spot birds of all types, cows, horses, pigs, peacocks, armadillos, gators, and more.
  • Within a 15 minute radius, you have access to at least 10 or 15 grocery stores, a mall and many many many stores, lots of places to eat, exercise. There are several theaters/playhouses, many parks, and lots more.
  • There are a number of beaches that are about 45 minutes to an hour away. Tampa is an hour away, Melbourne is an hour away, Clearwater is an hour and a half away. Miami is 3.5 hours away.

Things You Should Know BEFORE moving from Orlando to Miami

Like in any major city, life in Miami has it’s pros and cons. You better be prepared for everything new or unknown before moving from Orlando to Miami.


Most people assume that Miami is a year-round paradise. But this is not quite the case. The skies and sunsets are incredibly beautiful between Halloween and Easter, with hardly a cloud in view. It almost never rains (Miami can actually go into drought in the winter because it gets so little rain). Also, unlike other major cities that grew out from a central urban core with successive rings of lesser dense suburbs, Metro Miami is linear. The entire metro area is bound by the Atlantic to the east and the Everglades to the west, with only a relatively small strip of habitable land in between stretching far north to West Palm Beach and south to the start of the Florida Keys. This unique urban arrangement makes the night skies very dark compared to similarly sized cities, perfect for urban star gazing.
A two-edged sword of Miami’s location is that while it is very easy to get to great vacation locations in the Caribbean, you probably won’t be too excited to spend a lot of money and invaluable vacation time to go to a beach when you have one 10 minutes down the road. It is also one of the most isolated cities in the country, so you won’t have to many places to explore in the general region (it takes a solid 6 hours to drive to the Georgia line). The winter is awesome when the rest of the country is shut down and we’re at the beach.


The people in Miami are unlike any other place in the world. Its location makes it a global destination for everyone from immigrants from the Caribbean and Central America to snowbirds from Canada, Russia, UK, and the Northeast. This provides tremendous diversity (GREAT FOOD) and makes it very easy for outsiders to feel like they fit in because almost everyone is an outsider.
On the other hand, it gives Miami a very transient populace. Most people only live in Miami for 4-5 years. This greatly affects the social fabric of the community, especially in wealthier areas where residents witness a constant in-stream and out-stream of neighbors living in Miami for business for only a few years. This is especially evident at Miami’s sporting events, where it is not uncommon for fans of away teams to outnumber those of the Dolphins, Marlins, Heat, etc. In recent years, Miami has seen a massive influx of professionals, especially in the banking industry (the Brickell neighborhood is the 2nd largest International finance hub after Manhattan).

In conclusion

If you’re thinking about moving from Orlando to Miami, there are more than a couple of things you need to know about it. Overall, Miami is what you make of it. It is a hard place to live if you don’t make a lot of money because there is not much to do in the way of outdoor activities if you aren’t into the beach and don’t have a boat. People in Miami are simply honest and up front about how they feel about you, which can come across as rude, but redeeming quality of the city. The best part about the city is that perhaps more so than anywhere else in the country, anything goes and you can be whoever you want here. So if you have chosen moving from Orlando to Miami we are here to help. If you need help with loading or unloading hire moving helpers to save your time and effort. Our team of professional movers has years of experience and appropriate equipment. We are always open to answer your every question and provide moving help.