Packing Wardrobe for Moving Guide

Moving is always stressful. So many things to control and plan, and all that in one head! You might have thought that getting your house ready to move is a total nightmare. Well, you are right. But you have probably thought only about your furniture that way, have you? You can find plenty of reliable moving companies ready to help you with packing and moving your house. You can also find priceless tips on how to pack your furniture and move it scratchless and damage-free. But, when furniture and big bulky electronics are well-known pains for those ready to move, your wardrobe doesn’t seem to be a problem. Not until you start packing for moving.

Declutter before your moving

That is something to be done first thing. Be as meticulous as you can be and non less ruthless. You will find things that you have not been wearing for years. Follow the rule: if you have not put the thing on for a year – it is time for it to go. When you sort out your clothes, prepare two big boxes, or even better, two wardrobe boxes with a rail inside. You will need more of them later when you pack the things you take with you. What we are putting into those boxes now are the things that you are leaving behind.

Sort out moving boxes

One of these boxes is for the garage sale clothes, bags, hats, shoes, and accessories. When you fill in this box, try to imagine yourself being a buyer: would you buy the item you see, or would you skip it at your friends’ garage sale? If second put it into a different box to be donated or given away. Go through your partner’s and children’s wardrobes similarly. Try not to be sentimental over the cute little items that your children used to wear, you’ll remember them from pictures and family videos. Now you have two big boxes packed and ready to go. Let’s think of the rest.

Use packing materials for your moving smartly

For the things that you are too afraid to be folded or wrinkled use the above-mentioned wardrobe boxes with a rail inside. If need be, pack each suit into a plastic zipper case. For the items that are OK to be folded, use vacuum plastic cases, they will eliminate the space in a tuck up to 80%. Remember, the moving company will not accept things that are exposed to a plastic bag on the truck. So, what you need to do is put all those vacuum-packed cases into the boxes. This will double the protection and help you meet the moving requirements. For your linen and towels that are already folded, use plastic boxes with locking covers.

What is inside my wardrobe?

It is going to be another challenge to pack your shoes, bags, and accessories. But you have already done a great job sorting out the things that you don’t need. So, your task is three times easier now. With the bags, you may try to put one inside another. Just make sure they don’t get jammed. You may try to do the same trick with your hats, but normally they come in all different shapes and sizes so make sure they don’t jam each other. Accessories may go all in one big box. The fragile ones should be boxed and wrapped separately.

Cutting moving costs

Moving is nothing cheap. Using a moving container is safe, secure, and very cost-friendly. Loading a moving truck or a moving container is not a very complicated task especially when you have moving helpers. Plus, you may rent a truck or a container for any needed period. Among other ways to save money when you move are the help of your friends, borrowing boxes from the nearest electronic shop instead of buying them, thorough research of the moving company to avoid a scam is another way to cut potential money losses. Make your preliminary cost estimate right now or order a free moving quote for an expert valuation. Do not hesitate to use them and have a safe move!