PO Box when Moving

Moving is thrilling. How can so many thoughts and issues fit in one head? Probably the last thing on your mind is mail. So you will remember when you do not reach some important papers or bills and that is the reason why we are here for you. A post office box (commonly abbreviated as P.O. box, or also known as a postal box) is a uniquely addressable lockable box located on the premises of a post office station. In other words. The PO Box is a mail receptacle or lockable box, set up for letters or packages not sent directly to a curb postal box. Having a PO box is very convenient if you are constantly moving or for example decided to stay with friends or parents for a short time before moving to your own home. We have gathered some useful facts about a PO box, let’s start.

Getting P.O. box when moving

Setting up a P.O. box when you move between homes is definitely a great option to keep receiving your regular mail. There are areas that are difficult to reach. If you are keen on traveling and love to stay abroad for a couple of weeks or months, then renting a Post Office box may be an excellent solution for you too. It can also be a good option for separating your business mail from your personal one. Renting a Post Office box will give security and privacy. But you will need to pay a rental fee monthly or annually.

PO box cost

The cost of renting a Post Office box will depend on 3 major factors:

Size Obviously, the bigger the size, the bigger the rent is.
Rental period They provide 3 possible variants: 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. The longer the rental time, the higher the cost.
Location The prices for renting a P.O. box can differ due to the specific town, city or state of the post office. At times, prices may vary for different post offices within one and the same town or city.

Note that the cost of renting a Post Office box may differ from place to place.

Size Rental period Approximate cost
Extra Small (XS) 12 months $100
Small (S) 12 months $150
Medium (M) 12 months $250
Large (L)/Extra Large (XL) 12 months $450/$650-$700

PO boxes size

At most post office locations, Post Office boxes come in 5 different sizes:

Size Spaciousness
Extra Small (XS) 10-15 letter envelopes or around two rolled magazines
Small (S) 10-15 letter envelopes or roughly 5 rolled magazines
Medium (M) envelopes and magazines can be stacked flat
Large (L) 10-15 letters and about two shoeboxes stacked one on top of the other
Extra Large (XL) several Flat Rate boxes and parcels, for it’s the largest P.O box option that the United States Postal Service offers.

To reserve a Post office box ONLINE click here to visit the official website of USPS. Select the PO box size and a rent period. Create a USPS account and pay with a credit card. Print out the completed form and the receipt you received on your e-mail address. Visit the post office in person with the completed form and receipt of your payment and 2 forms of ID to receive the keys or the lock combination for your new Post Office box. A post office box provides a safe and easy way to protect important information sent through the mail.

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