Popular Moving Mistakes

Moving is messy but it can be pleasant with proper preparations. Any time you are planning to do every part of the upcoming move at once be ready for a few missteps. To avoid unnecessary grief at all costs try to protect yourself from moving mistakes. Due to our moving experience, we tried to keep your frustrations to a minimum making a list of most popular moving mistakes to examine. The more you prepared, the better your move will go.

Planning your time inappropriately

Underestimating is a human trait of character. Pay special attention to the date of your move, try to book a moving company beforehand or start packing yourself in advance. The next popular underestimated thing is the number of packing materials you need. You better overestimate than underestimate. Buy more than you think you will need as you may always return unused packing supplies.

Hiring cheap movers

Hiring a shady mover could really cost you! There are a lot of sites like moving-me.com that perform their own impartial review. Order at least three-four quotes. Check the moving companies’ reviews, licenses, and insurance to make sure only professionals are handling your belongings.

Packing Skills

One of the most important points when moving, which many for some reason underestimate, is effective and correct packaging. First of all, purge and declutter of the stuff you don’t need or use – sell it or donate. Usually, people postpone the packing process. However, if you approach the matter seriously and consciously, then-when the perfect moment comes to unpack things in a new place — you will say thank you to yourself.
ADVICE: Don’t count on your memory and label the boxes. When the new apartment is literally filled with bags, boxes and packages, you can easily find the one that needs to be unpacked first. Divide things by classification and pack similar to similar. Don’t rush, don’t mess around, pack your things carefully. This will help save space in the boxes and keep things in normal condition.

Lack of basic necessities at hand

Keep what you use daily separately. Your essential bag must include two outfits, toiletries, blankets, pillows, medicines, chargers, toothbrushes, documents and papers, laptops and phones. Also, think about the first few days after you move and put aside the things you need at that time.

Insurance issue

Don’t underestimate your moving protection as it can be costly. Under Federal law, interstate movers must offer two different liability options: Full Value Protection and Released Value. Valuation Protection is not the same thing as insurance. When you have Valuation Protection the mover will only pay a certain amount per pound (most commonly $0.60 per pound) of a damaged item or lost in the move regardless of the actual value of your goods. Moreover, the client may also obtain separate liability insurance from the third party, which are regulated by state law.

Fragile and Valuables safety when moving

Proper packing is very important. Due to our years of experience, we insist on hiring professionals for packing fragile, antique or valuable things. If you can take some things with you you better protect it this way.

Pet issue

Moving with pets is stressful and for both the owner and the pet. Contact your vet beforehand. Try to create the most comfortable atmosphere. Put favorite toys and food. Don’t let your pet out during the moving day as he/she may get lost in a mess. Take a pet into your car to calm down.
All these moving mistakes are of a systemic nature and lead to financial losses. To avoid these losses your actions should be systematic and well-thought-out. Moving Helpers Team wish you to settle into your new home quickly and smoothly. Make your preliminary cost estimate right now or order a free moving quote for an expert valuation. Do not hesitate to use them and have a safe move!