Pros and Cons of Moving to the Country

Pros and Cons of Moving to the Country

Since COVID-19 appeared in our lives it has been changing our reality and making its own adjustments in our routine lifestyle. Many companies are switching to teleworking. So the need to go to the office and live in a big city with expensive services tends to zero. On top of that, if your long-nurtured dream was to move closer to nature, now is the time.

Is moving to the country a good idea?

However before taking the final decision it would be wise to consider all pros and cons! Do you have an idea of what life in the country is like? Will you be happier, healthier, more stressless living in the countryside? Are you ready to give up the hustle and bustle of the city?

Let’s have a look at what you lose and what you get when deciding to move to the country.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of moving to the country?


  • Affordable living

First of all living in the countryside is more affordable. In rural areas the housing is normally cheaper, property and income taxes are generally lower. The cost of groceries, prices for various goods and services are lower. A great opportunity to start saving up for an expensive item of your dreams;

  • Clean air

When you move from the busy metropolis you will see the difference: the fewer traffic roads – the fewer cars, the fewer cars – the cleaner the air! And cleaner air means better breathing, better health, reducing the risk of a variety of illnesses, allergies and heart diseases. So if you want to move to the country for cleaner air, look for an area with no industrial activity;

  • Closer to nature

In addition to cleaner air you will have more access to organic food, which also does good to your health. Moreover, you can improve your mental and physical health by outdoor activities available on the doorstep. Being around nature will produce a positive accumulative effect on your nerves;

  • More space

Cheaper housing leads to a more spacious home, especially if you lived in a small apartment. Now you might want to have a big yard which is good for families with kids and pets and for laying out a garden you always dreamt of;

  • Slower pace of life

If you realize your life is rushing by very fast, you don’t have time to stop and think of simple things, enjoying the beauty of nice little trifles in life, you are too stressed to dwell on the things you love, you might find relaxation in the country life. Slow pace, time for meditation, more concentration on people and the things you love will make you feel calmer and more stress-free;

  • Safer

In terms of safety, the rural area is the best place for families with kids, that’s for sure. Statistical data show that the criminal rate in the countryside is lower that in urban areas. This means that robbery, thefts, assaults and more severe crimes are less likely to happen in a small town. You will feel safer for your kids and your beloved ones outside in the dark, and even leave the windows open while sleeping.


  • Limited job opportunities

If your company is teleworking-friendly, a job issue would not be a problem, especially in current reality. But if you would want to find a job in your community, this could be quite a problem. We would advise you check this out first, find a new job or switch over to remote work;

  • Limited education opportunities
  • This could be challenging if you have school-aged children. It’s more likely that you will not have many options to choose. The majority of small towns have only a limited number of schools and the educational standards could be lower than those of schools in urban areas;Limited health care services

We recommend you to check healthcare services if there is a family member who needs regular medical care. You may lose access to twenty-four-seven medical services;

  • Limited entertainment options

Selection of entertainment options in rural areas is limited as well. Aside from fresh air and exercise, there is not much to do. Bars and restaurants are usually pretty far and you would better have a car for most purposes in the country;

  • Fewer shopping options

The same distance problem for shopping! But don’t worry about groceries, you will have most of the food items you need for a healthy diet;

  • Wildlife

Living close to nature was an advantage in our list, but it could be as well a problem, if there is a wildlife danger in the area. Be aware of snakes, coyotes, spiders and other dangerous animals and insects, depending on the area.

As you can see we discovered an equal number of Pros & Cons. So it’s up to you to decide whether it would be better to stay in a busy city with a dynamic mode of life or move to the countryside with its slow-paced lifestyle. And if your choice is moving, then find the right mover!