Moving is a stimulating but stressful experience at the same time, especially when you are moving to NYC. In this article, we are going to discuss things you should know before moving to Staten Island. There are many benefits in living on the Island. Staten Island is located to the south of Manhattan and right off the coast of New Jersey. It is the most suburban of all boroughs. Staten Island feels like a particular county with small, tight-knit towns that could stand as municipalities in their own right.

“Forgotten Borough” of New York City

It’s both good and bad to be the forgotten borough. Let’s make it clear. It’s terrible when it gets overlooked regarding city services. But, it’s good because as a general rule housing is cheaper both in terms of sales and rentals than most other parts of NYC because it’s considered to be less trendy and fashionable and fewer people want to live there. Housing prices have been going up as people who find Brooklyn less affordable have been coming to SI. The latter phenomenon has been happening forever, but there’s even been a newer wave of hipster-type transplants coming to SI’s North Shore.

Accessibility as cause for moving

Indeed, the NYC subway system doesn’t go to the Island, contributing to its disconnection. It is only connected to the city to Brooklyn via the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge the longest suspension bridge in the Americas or by the ferry to lower Manhattan.

Forgotten Means Safer

Regarding whether Staten Island is “safer” than other parts of NYC, it depends on which parts of SI and which other parts of NYC. Staten Island is composed of many neighbourhoods and seems like a safe suburban haven. But Staten Island, then and now, also has crime-prone areas. Here is a list of recommended neighbourhoods with a calm atmosphere:

  • Annadale (the island’s South Shore);
  • Grant City (the East shores of Staten Island);
  • Bay Terrace (East Shore of Staten Island);
  • Huguenot (the South Shore of Staten Island);
  • Prince’s Bay (the South Shore of New York City’s borough of Staten Island);

What to do/ Where to go? When moving to Staten Island

  • There are plenty of great restaurants at all levels. They may not top Manhattan by experience, but they certainly close the gap with quite a range. You should try the best pizza in Deninos on the corner of Port Richmond Ave and Hooker Place.
  • There are a lot of great places that are fun for a day or weekend trip. There’s even camping at the foot of the Verrazano Bridge. The Island has the most greenery of the boroughs with ample hiking trails and miles of coastline.
    • The Snug Harbor Cultural Center
    • The Staten Island Zoo
    • The Chinese Scholar’s Garden, the Tuscan Garden
    • The Children’s Museum
    • The Sandy Ground Historical Museum
    • The Conference House (Tottenville)

Cozy Feel

You may be surprised, but Staten Islanders are fun people. They like to hang out in bars, spend time having a picnic or at the beach. They ride motorcycles, less so bicycles. You can see them running in many of the wonderful parks. They are very family oriented – the kid’s museum and zoo are always busy. Engage one in a conversation, and the answers and friendly dialogue will amuse you.

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