What Is The Cheapest Moving Company?

There’s not a moving company that’s consistently cheaper than all the others and you should be at least a little cautious of the rates that undercut everyone else by a lot. That’s often a reflection of movers’ service, or even worse, that they might be one of the rogue movers that don’t do things by the book, holds your stuff hostage for more payment, etc. The difference between the cheapest local and long distance moving company is relevant here as well. When moving all your belongings across the country, you have three options to get everything to your new location:

  • Drive it yourself in a rental truck (It’s cheap, but puts all packing and transporting responsibilities on you)
  • Pack everything into a container and have a professional drive (It’s pretty cost-effective, and you don’t have to transport your belongings)
  • Hire a full-service cheapest moving company (It’s the easiest, most hands-off option but it will cost you money)

According to the American Moving and Storage Association the average cost of hiring movers for an interstate move is $4,300, that is the reason for big consideration. Beyond cost, you also have to take time and energy that is required into consideration. Obviously, the costs are higher with a longer move, but that also allows for more variance among the pricing from different movers. Definitely check out prices from a couple sources though to find the cheapest moving company. You will be surprised by the fact that they can differ quite dramatically. The best thing to do is get multiple quotes from movers and do your research! Read reviews for the movers on multiple websites and ask around to see who your friends and neighbours recommend too. You can start here to get the process going (cost calculation button).

For any move type, the cheapness is factored by a few things:

  • Move type and level of assistance required
  • Weight/amount of possessions
  • Time of year
  • Distance you’re travelling

Move type

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Moving and storage containers


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You may think at first look that renting a truck and driving it yourself can be more affordable then hiring reliable moving helpers. But beware that you should add fuel, toll, insurance, and hotel costs to the bill. You can calculate your small move by filling this form.

Another cost-saving option is to divide your move into full-service and DIY parts with. That means you pack your belongings yourself and then a container company drives everything to the destination. Here you can check its price for your move.

Believe our experience that after five long days of driving you won’t think that moving long distance can turn into a real adventure. So you better hire a full-service mover to do the heavy lifting or use a moving storage container. But be prepared to pay a few hundred or couple thousand dollars extra. Let’s do your long distance moving calculation right now.

Here are a few things to consider first if you’re looking for a cheaper moving company to help with your relocation.

Compare Estimates and Find the cheapest

Request in-home estimates from at least three moving companies, then compare the rates you receive, making sure to note the specifics of the quote. The lowest estimate may not be the cheapest bill. While some movers are indeed less expensive than others, any reputable operation will charge rates on par with its competitors since they typically have similar labour and overhead costs.


Almost any respectable mover accepts multiple forms of payment, including credit cards and personal checks. Avoid a company that takes only cash or that demands a sizeable up-front deposit. It’s normal for movers to charge a small deposit fee to secure your moving date, but a cash-only or large deposit may indicate an unscrupulous company.

Get a Written Estimate from the cheapest moving company

A written estimate creates an enforceable contract. With long-distance moves, once you receive a quote in writing, a moving company cannot deviate more than 10% higher than the original estimate.  The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration enacted this law to prevent customers from being swindled by movers who intentionally price their jobs low, then send a final bill that’s far greater than the initial quote.