What to Expect When Moving to Queens?

Moving is a stimulating but stressful experience at the same time, especially when you are moving to NYC. In this article, we are going to discuss things you should know before moving to Queens. If you’re well-prepared, it will be much easier to enjoy every opportunity Queens offers.

Queens Addresses Can Puzzle

Navigating Queens is tricky and confusing sometimes. More than one century ago Queens was a collection of small, separate villages and towns. As the borough grew new streets and avenues were added. The hyphen or dash in addresses of Queens was created to simplify navigating the area. The numbers before the dash indicate the nearest cross street or avenue, while the two digits after the dash inform you about the house or building number. For example, 12-35 50th Street tells you the nearest cross avenue is 12nd Ave. And the building number is 35 on 50th Street.


According to the survey, the median home value in Queens has increased to 18% over the past year. Nevertheless, this is a better deal than you’ll get in other boroughs of NYC. This is an acceptable variant for those who want to save money and still live in New York.

Accessibility as a cause for moving to Queens

If you need to leave, the city takes advantage of the highly developed subway and bus system to travel all over the New York City. By the way, you’re not far away from most popular sights like the Statue of Liberty, Chinatown, Time’s Square, and Rockefeller Center.

Moving to a new Place of Diversity

Queens regularly welcomes a significant number of people from different areas. So, Queens can be named a melting pot with more than 100 nationalities living and speaking over 160 different languages.

Places of Interest

Find time to visit Flushing Meadows. Astoria is home to various restaurants and bars. Beautiful Parks such as Cunningham Park and Juniper Valley Park are top-rated among those who want to escape from city noise. The biggest malls are the Rego Center, Queens Center, the Shops at Atlas Park, and the Shops at Skyview. The most famous representative of beer pubs is The Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden. If picturesque views are more to your taste then we advise you to visit the Estate Garden Grill rooftops. Nowadays, LIC Bar and Studio Square are also on the list. Queens Is the Home of the US Open that makes the borough one of the top tennis destinations in the U.S.

If moving to Queens is the last decision, the next step is whether you will take the job of handling your belongings upon yourself or you will hire professional movers. We recommend relying on a trustworthy moving company (MOVING-HELPERS.COM). We are looking forward to hearing from you!