Where to Get Free Moving Boxes Near You

Moving is a real pain and then on top of the expense, you have to find moving boxes. And let’s face it, moving boxes are often expensive, which only adds to the budget for your move. Here are a few ways to get moving boxes cheap or for free. 

Walmart Moving Boxes

You can usually find free moving boxes at grocery stores however we would advise against these as you never know what creepy crawlers are hiding inside. A better option would be to go to a department store like Walmart and see if they have any boxes that clothing or office products were shipped in as this would likely be more sanitary than boxes that contained food items.

Moving Boxes Nearby

The first thing to do is to start your search from places nearby. Check out your neighbors to see if they have anything, you never know! Check places like Craigslist and places with free ads like NextDoor.

Check Local Businesses Free Moving Boxes

This may or may not get you some free moving boxes but it is worth a shot. It’s kind of hit or miss but even if you just get a few boxes, that’s a few free boxes you don’t have to pay for.

Check out:

  • Liquor stores (nice heavy-duty ones, often with dividers)
  • Supermarkets
  • Big box retailers
  • Furniture stores
  • Builder supply stores
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Coffeehouses

Often, you can call ahead and simply ask. It doesn’t take much time and may save you a trip. Best case scenario? You’re told to come on down and get what you need.

Cheap is Better Than Nothing

If you cannot find free moving boxes, cheap is better than nothing. You can find boxes at places like Home Depot and Lowe’s, but there are other places that may be less expensive.

Check out these places:

  • U-Line. This company has over 1550 box sizes and has guidelines so you choose the right size and type of box.
  • Uboxes. This place offers packing box room kits of various sizes and promises free same-day shipping.
  • Used Cardboard Boxes. This place offers earth-friendly moving kits based on the number of rooms you’ll be packing up.
  • Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes. The name says it all. They have a slogan that states, “We’re the cheapest or it’s free.” They also offer to buy back your unused boxes.

Recycling !!!!

Here is something to keep in mind on your search for free boxes. Be aware that recycling cardboard is a big business and a source of ready cash for many people. Cardboard capitalists out there do this regularly on a fixed schedule, and they’ve got the good spots staked out and timed. And with the increasing demand spurred by online shopping, the cost of cardboard is only going up.

In conclusion

The best thing to do is find a source for low-cost moving boxes such as a moving company and purchase boxes from them at a reasonable rate. The advantages of doing this are that you get sturdy, sanitary boxes. Also the uniform size of boxes purchased specifically for your move will make the boxes easier to stack which means less time loading the truck. This is especially important when you hire professional movers since time is money. Finally, with boxes purchased specifically for the move, you can get boxes for a specific function such as wardrobe boxes to hang your clothing in, picture boxes, or dish packs. If you need help with loading or unloading hire moving helpers to save your time and effort. Our team of professional movers has years of experience and appropriate equipment. We are always open to answer your every question and provide moving help.